In The Workings

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boobs are ridiculous women should just have wings instead

(Source: brivid, via manda)

Home alone on friday night
No better time for exercise
And wishing you were still my girlfriend

Hey, why did I do that?
I make everything collapse
Even when it’s glued together

Fuck you why did I do that?
It’s your fault I can’t relax
But nothing’s changing while I’m sitting here
With both hands glued together


Modern Baseball // Re-Do (Alternate Version)

I am amazed I have never listened to this before, it completely blows the album version out of the water.

I wanna start from the top, maybe like a do-over 
replace the voices in my head with blind innocence 

I wanna complete re-do, maybe change my name 
Report the loses grab the claim, it’s a shame it’s such a shame